Ways to utilize online reviews to boost your local business revenue

Online reviews can be either a positive tool to grow your local businesss or a negative tool to crush the credibility of your business. The key to utilize online reviews properly for the benefit of your business is to become pro-active in tracking and monitoring those reviews. If you are doing this correctly, more often than not you will get many returning customers to your way. Here are 5 ways to utilize online reviews to boost your local business revenue:

Business reviews

Let your customers write their reviews on social media

Instead of asking them to write their reviews on your website, you can ask them to write their reviews in a place more comfortable to them: the social media. When people write review on social media, they are writing without any setbacks, because they are essentially telling their friends about how good (or bad) your company is, depending on their personal experience with it. It is a powerful word of mouth marketing for your local business, especially if you are able to give the best service for them.

Be available whenever a review about your business is posted

It is important to track and monitor the reviews about your local business. Thus, you need to use online reputation management tool to monitor your overall business reputation online, including the reviews that you get for your business. What you need to do is to track those reviews every day, and always keep your eyes on what people are talking about your business. In this way, you can create improvements based on their feedbacks.

Be sure to list your business on the local search engine listing

Study finds that many people use search engine to look the information about any local business before they actually do business with them. So, you need to be sure that your local business is listed on the local search engine listing. You need to make sure that whenever people type your company name, your official website will show up in the search result. That’s because if it doesn’t show up, people can’t measure the credibility of your business, and thus, they can’t make their decision about it.

Ensure that your business falls on the positive side

You should also make sure that most people are talking good about your business online. Remember that most of your potential customers will try to seek information about your business online before they decide to buy products or services from you. So, if they read more negative reviews about your business, they will likely stay away from doing business with you. They might even tell others that your business is bad.

Do not ignore negative reviews

When you ignore negative reviews, you are allowing people to think negatively about your business. The best way to deal with negative reviews is to pro-actively communicate with the person writing it. For instance, if you find that some people are writing negative reviews about your business on Facebook, try to establish communication that will be able to resolve their problem. In this way, people who are reading the negative reviews will see your effort in resolving the problem, and thus, they will not lose their trust on you.


Those are the ways to utilize online reviews for your local business. If you are able to follow the tips above, you will be able to keep your customers and potential customers’ trust toward your business, and as a result, grow your local business and increase your revenue.

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